Tuesday, 30 July 2013

traffic signs

These Signs are compulsory to obay and everyone driving must follow these rules. The violation of these signs will cause fine/Challan for you.
Mandatory sign board
Straight Prohibitedor no entry
One way signs-vehicles prohibited in one direction
Vehicles prohibited in both direction
All vehicles prohibited
Trucks prohibited
Bullock carts & hand carts directionBullock carts directionTongas directionHand carts directionCycles prohibitedPedestrians prohibited
Right turn prohibitedLeft turn prohibitedU- turn prohibitedOvertaking prohibitedHorns prohibitedNo Parking
No stopping or standingSpeed limitWidth limitHeight limitLength limitLoad limit
Axle load limit
Compulsory bus stop
Restriction ends sign
Compulsory cycle track
Compulsory sound horn
Compulsory keep left
Compulsory turn left
Compulsory turn right ahead
Compulsory ahead or turn right
Compulsory ahead or turn left
Compulsory ahead
Give way

Cautionary/warning sign boards

Right hand curveLeft hand curveRight hair pin bendLeft hair pin bendRight reverse bendLeft reverse bend
Steep ascentSteep descentNarrow road aheadRoad wideness aheadNarrow bridgeSlippery road
Loose gravelCycle crossingPedestrian crossingSchool aheadMen at workCattle
Falling rocksFerryCross roadGap in MedianSide road rightSide road left
Y-IntersectionY-IntersectionY-IntersectionT-IntersectionStaggered IntersectionStaggered Intersection
Major road aheadMajor road aheadRoundaboutDangerous diphump or rough roadBarrier ahead
200 meters50-100 meters200 meters50-100 
informatory sign board

For students